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Bénédicte Verley Photography

“… among the top 10 wedding photographers in the world.”

Grace Ormonde - Wedding Style Magazine

Bénédicte Verley Photography is renowned for its timeless and iconic images which grace the pages of national magazines such as Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, Inside Weddings, BRIDE, The Knot and Martha Stewart Living.

Imagine having a warm, calm photographer channeling the love, excitement and joy of your celebration! This is what you will experience with Bénédicte Verley.

About Bénédicte

M Benedicte VerleyBénédicte Verley, born to french parents, is the Owner, Creative Director, Principal Photographer and Book Binder at Bénédicte Verley Photography. After graduating with a BFA from Syracuse University, with a degree in painting and bookbinding, she took a photography class and fell in love with the medium. She continued the study of photography in a 2 year masters program at Syracuse University. Bénédicte then moved to Amsterdam and Paris, working as a fashion photographer. Upon her return to the U.S., she met Grace Ormonde, the founder and editor in chief of Wedding Style Magazine; Grace saw the talent and brought Bénédicte into the wedding industry.

The Team

The second pillar of Bénédicte Verley Photography is her husband Anurag Spatzenegger. He is the Studio Manager and Technical Director who handles all things electronic.

There is a crew of multiple photographers at each event who have been with the studio for many years. Each, a talented photographer in his/her own right, specializes in a certain aspect of the event. There are typically three to five photographers covering from different angles: one capturing guests, a second shooting the formals, a third capturing the details, and a fourth for candids.

Working with Bénédicte Verley Photography you can rely on 20 years of professional expertise in event and portrait photography at the highest level. Passionate about their work, the team aims to make the entire experience, from the first meeting to the final production of the hand bound albums, a flawless and inspiring one.

Imagine This!

Bénédicte Verley incorporates her creative discerning fashion and photojournalistic eye to create inspired poetic wedding images. An artful story with exquisite images emerges, gracing the pages of your very own hand bound album, crafted with the unique touch of an artisan book binder.