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About MBV Photography

Named one of the Top 10 Wedding Photographers
by Grace Ormonde of Wedding Style Magazine

MBV Photography is a professional photo studio specializing in luxury boutique weddings catering to the best and brightest clients who have a discerning eye for quality and a love of photography as an art form. MBV Photography is renowned for its timeless and iconic images, many of which grace the pages of many national magazines - Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, Inside Weddings, Bride Magazine, Martha Stewart Living, Bliss Magazine - as well as it’s high quality of craftsmanship of its exclusive hand bound albums.

The Directors

M Benedicte Verley M Bénédicte Verley, born to french parents, is the Owner, Creative Director, Principal Photographer and main Book Binder at MBV Photography. After graduating with a BFA from Syracuse University, with a degree in painting and bookbinding, she took a photography class and fell in love with this medium. She continued the study of photography in a 2 year masters program at Syracuse University. Bénédicte then moved to Amsterdam and Paris, working as a fashion photographer. Upon her return to the U.S., a friend asked her to photograph her wedding. Bénédicte’s first response was a solid “No way!” - because what she knew of Wedding Photography was mostly a compromise in talent and totally uninspired. But her friend was very persistent and with great reluctance, Bénédicte accepted the task. Her sole requirement was that she have the freedom to shoot exactly as she saw fit, without following the rules of “traditional wedding photography”. Voilà, a new passion was found, launching her into a fantastic new direction. It was at this time that Bénédicte met Grace Ormonde, the founder and editor in chief of Wedding Style Magazine, and a true friendship emerged. Grace saw the talent and brought Bénédicte even deeper into the wedding industry. To this day they still work (and play) together regularly. Bénédicte’s warm and calming nature, along with her ever creative eye in all aspects of her work and personal life are what make her so wonderful to work with.

The second pillar of MBV Photography is Bénédicte’s husband Anurag Spatzenegger. He is the Studio Manager and Technical Director who handles all things electronic at MBV Photography. A native Austrian he and Bénédicte met in an ashram in India. It was love at first sight, a true recognition. They have been working, living and loving together ever since. After a 5 year spiritual sabbatical in Italy, Bénédicte and Anurag returned to the U.S. and gave birth to their son Rumi, who is the inspiration in their lives. They currently have a base in Rhode Island living the artists’ life in the ocean state with all it’s charm. With offices and Newport and New York City, their work takes them all over the East Coast, the West Coast, Europe and beyond.

Bénédicte, Anurag and Rumi spend a lot of time in India, practicing meditation and diving deep into the world of self discovery, which inspires and rejuvenates them. They are in the process of starting an eco retreat village of love and meditation which is supposed to open within the next few years. Some of their other passions are working in the earth, gardening, cooking, entertaining, as well as music and dance. They firmly believe that a happy house and studio should be full of music, good food, close friends and laughter.

The Team

MBV Photography has a crew of additional shooters that have been with the studio for many years, each of them a talented photographer in their own right. The MBV crew works as a creative team, with each member specializing in a certain aspect of the event. Hip and fun, MBV Photography seamlessly blends into every event, capturing the moments from within. Depending on the size of the wedding there will typically be three to five photographers covering the event from different angles. While one photographer captures guests, two others photographers may be shooting formals, while a fourth is getting all the details. The MBV team is a highly professional group that has become more like a close family than just creative collaborators.

What Our Clients Can Count On

Working with MBV Photography, you can rely on 20+ years of experience and professional expertise in event and portrait photography at the highest level. A team of amazingly talented and wonderful photographers, studio managers, technical director and artisan craftspeople who are passionate about their work. Our aim is to make the entire experience from the first meeting to the final production of the hand bound albums, a flawless and inspiring one.

We work closely with each and every client getting to know them, and tuning into who they are and how they need to be photographed. Some clients are shy and need their hand held and some clients love the spot light – it is our job to capture the most beautiful essence of each person. We love our clients and only work with those where a genuine connection happens. Since we spend the whole day with our clients, it is important to have a good rapport and trust that allows for the creative flow to flower, resulting in timeless stunning images.