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Slinky Books & Boxes

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Closeup of a wooden Slinky Box
Wooden Slinky Box
Wooden Slinky Box spread
Slinky Books and Wooden Slinky Box
Closeup of a Slinky Book
Slinky Book spread
Slinky Book spread
Slinky Books and wooden Slinky Box

Innovative and unique, Slinky Books & Boxes are a great way to present images from an engagement portrait, rehearsal dinner, dancing and cocktail hour... you name it. Cool, fun and hip, they are an exclusive creation of MBV Photography. Slinky Books & Boxes make fantastic gifts for members of the bridal party as well as close friends.

Our Slinky Boxes are made of natural wood and are up to 5x5” in size, holding anywhere from 10 to 35 images mounted on 100% Italian cotton printmaking paper. Slinky books are cloth covered, and can hold up to 35 images.